About Secure Bridges

Secure Bridges is a Community Organization dedicated to dismantling youth sex trafficking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our Mission is to end the local sex trade of children in the Milwaukee area by raising awareness, promoting advocacy, and empowering advancement.

Why Milwaukee?

The injustice is prevalent in the Greater Milwaukee area, being known as a "mecca for sex trafficking" and throughout Wisconsin: ​

  • 92% of youth trafficked in Milwaukee are female. Most contract STDs that can damage their reproductive systems, making human sex trafficking a problem that produces generations of victims.

  • 340 individuals (25 and under) were confirmed or believed to be victims of sex trafficking in Milwaukee between 2013-2016

  • From 2010-2014 law enforcement identified 102 child sex trafficking victims

  • 79% of human trafficking cases reported in Wisconsin occur in the City of Milwaukee. Human trafficking is a problem that is happening in our streets and right in our backyard and has been documented in all 72 counties of Wisconsin.

  • 78% of youth bought and sold by human traffickers in Milwaukee are African American. Human trafficking in Milwaukee is racially skewed and growing.

Our Founder

Shayvon McCullum

Shayvon McCullum is a single mother of two children. She grew up in the 53206 neighborhood bouncing between many houses up and down Burleigh. Shayvon has worked in healthcare for 18 years always making sure the RN’s and Physicians have what they need to execute excellent patient care.


Shayvon has created programs for the un-insured and under-insured patient population which help cut down patient re-admissions. Working 3 jobs at any giving time and still being the soul caregiver to two growing children.


Community engagement has been a major part of her life for as long as she can remember. She has also taken care of people with her limited resources. Hunger is a sore spot for her, so cooking and feeding the masses is a major priority for her.



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Everything's Secure.

Our Society serves as a volunteer + resource hub for all of us that are dedicated to the mission of Secure Bridges.



We're raising awareness, promote advocacy, and empower advancement.

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Safety + Security

An overview of the work being done locally and nationwide. 




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