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 Secure Society

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Our Society serves as a volunteer + resource hub for all of us that are dedicated to the mission of Secure Bridges.

Secure Society

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Secure Bridges Community Awareness Forum Recap

Our free Child Sex Trafficking Forum hosted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2019 nurtured the minds and souls of youth and adults. We discussed risk factors and signs, how to raise awareness and promote advocacy, and why to join us in the fight. 

Our Events

Girls Being Girls Youth Event

Technology has made it easier to harm the youth. During the Girls Being Girls Youth event, we informed a full crowd of youth and adults about the connection between social media and child sex trafficking and what they can do to stay safe. 

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Our Forums

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Sex x Tech Talk

Sex Education has been removed from the curriculum of many schools across the United States and many parents are afraid to have a conversation surrounding it.

We offered the youth a platform to have a safe and private conversation with no judgement about sex education with Planned Parenthood and Youth Advocates.

Our Forums

Child Sex Trafficking Forum with Purpose Driven Sisters

Our open conversation with Purposed Driven Sisters, raised awareness to the youth by talking about the issue of child trafficking prevalent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and how it directly relates to their lives.  

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Interview with
The Morning Blend

Child Sex Trafficking Forum with Bayview High School

During our Child Sex Trafficking forum with Bayview High school, we engaged with the youth, explained risk factors, and how we're putting an end to this vicious cycle.

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Child Sex Trafficking Forum
with Mesa Elementary School

Raising awareness + empowering our youth remains our top priority. At Mesa Elementary School, we listened to youth voices while educating them on dismantling child sex trafficking. #ItStopsNow

Child Sex Trafficking Forum with LaVarnway Boys & Girls Club

Awareness is the foundation to preserve our kids youthfulness. During our forum with LaVarnway Boys & Girls Club, we spoke about the issue of child trafficking and child sexual exploitation. 

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Our Donation Drives

Our Donation Drives

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Hygiene Donation Drive

In 2020, we were able to provide over 400 Secure Kits to under resourced youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now in Collaboration with the youth organization Purpose Driven Sisters and The Yoni Guru of MKE we are looking to provide the youth with Summer hygiene supplies.

Prescription Drug Take
Back Day

We advocate for a drug free community. This community event included food, music, resources, and giveaways for the youth and adults in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It takes a village to make a change.

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